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What Exactly is Cosmetic Dentistry? Procedures to Help You Smile Happier & Healthier

Have you recently looked in the mirror and noticed that you are unhappy with the look of your smile? Often, patients find themselves unhappy with the way their teeth look because they may be chipped, worn down, discolored, or even misaligned.

Fortunately, a smile makeover can dramatically improve and change the way your teeth and smile look. Cosmetic dentistry is offered here in our Torrance, CA office and you can benefit from it.

Dr. Kim is an experienced cosmetic dentist who can work closely with you to develop a treatment plan that addresses and corrects your concerns. Below, we will talk about some of the different cosmetic procedures you can have performed to help you get the smile you have always dreamed of.

If you have any questions or you would like to schedule an appointment with us, now is the time to call Dr. Steve S. Kim DDS.

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Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Available

Do not hesitate to call our office with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment or consultation.

1. Porcelain Veneers
Porcelain veneers are a great option for any patient who has teeth they are not proud to show off. In fact, veneers are excellent for misshapen teeth, crooked teeth, or even chipped and stained teeth.

A porcelain veneer is a custom-made porcelain shell that is thin and placed on top of your tooth after the tooth is prepared. The shell is held onto the tooth using a dental cement.

2. Teeth Whitening
One of the easiest and cheapest ways for you to recreate a beautiful smile is through teeth whitening. The procedure is simple and done right here in our Torrance, CA office. If you do not have time to sit in the office for the whitening session or you prefer to be at home, we also sell at-home kits for you to use.

Dr. Kim invites you to come in today to discuss teeth whitening as an option. Typically, patients see results up to three shades whiter in their first treatment.

3. Dental Crowns
A cap, or dental crown, is designed to fit over the entire tooth and becomes the surface of the tooth. The cap sits at the gumline and is a wonderful choice for patients with decayed or broken teeth.

The crown is made to form to the shape of the tooth and provide a strong foundation without damaging the tooth any further.

When choosing to have dental crowns placed, you will be able to choose from ceramic, resin, metal, or porcelain fused to metal.

4. Dental Bonding
Dental bonding is like veneers in a sense but is completed in a different manner. If you are having your teeth bonded, a resin, like putty and tooth colored, will be placed on the tooth.

This putty-like material is then activated using a UV light to bond the material to the tooth. Dr. Kim will cut, shape, and polish the tooth once the bonding is in place for a perfect and flawless fit.

Bonding is a great choice for any patient who wants to cover up misshapen teeth, chipped teeth, or even cracks in their teeth.

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5. Tooth-Colored Fillings
If you have ever had a tooth filled, you likely received an amalgam filling, which is the most commonly used and recognized, silver filling.

Today, silver fillings are not as popular and tooth-colored fillings are in. The tooth-colored fillings are much more aesthetically pleasing, and they look natural as well.

Dr. Steve Kim can discuss toot-colored fillings with you at your next appointment!

6. Dentures
There are two main types of dentures to include full and partial.

Full dentures are used to replace missing teeth in the upper and lower portion of your mouth. Full dentures do act as a complete teeth replacement option. The dentures rest on your gums and can be held in place using a dental adhesive.

Partial dentures are like full dentures, except that they are not a full replacement system. In fact, partial dentures are utilized when a patient still has remaining natural teeth. Removeable partials are placed between the teeth that are present to fill in the gap of missing teeth. The partial come attached to a gum-colored base that blend into your mouth well.

7. Inlays and Onlays
Direct fillings, or inlays and onlays, are made from composite materials, gold, or even porcelain. They are used to fill in teeth that have been damaged or are decayed.

The inlays and onlays are created at a dental lab and then placed in the tooth. The filling is referred to as an inlay when the material is bonded within the center of the tooth and called an onlay when the filling covers one more multiple points of a tooth.

8. Dental Implants
You have likely heard of dental implants because they are one of the most popular tooth replacement options. A titanium artificial tooth root is inserted into your jaw bone where a tooth or teeth are missing.

Once the bone heals around the artificial root, the post is secured in place and an abutment and crown can be placed on top of it.

9. Other Options
There are many other cosmetic dentistry options for you to choose from to include bridges, implant-supported dentures, and more. Dr. Kim is a talented cosmetic dentist who can provide you with a consultation to learn more about what option would work best for your situation.

Do not hesitate to call Dr. Steve S. Kim DDS today in Torrance, CA.

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