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Are you unhappy with the way your tooth look? If so, you may want to consider a cosmetic restorative procedure that is designed to improve the look of your smile. Cosmetic restoration of your teeth will allow you to smile confidently without the worry of what others are thinking when they see your teeth.

At Dr. Steve Kim DDS, we specialize in all types of cosmetic restoration procedures. Dr. Kim is highly trained and knowledgeable in this area of dentistry and can provide you with the results you desire.

If you are interested in talking about your smile or you want to discuss what cosmetic restorative options are available to you, please give our office a call today!.

cosmetic-restorationTypes of Cosmetic
Restorative Procedures

There are a couple different cosmetic restorative dental procedures that you can have performed to help correct your smile. The type of procedure that will work best for you will depend on the condition of your teeth, your desired results, and Dr. Kim’s recommendations.

It is important that you consider all types of procedures before you make a final decision on one. There are some procedures that will correct more than one problem at the same time as well.


Dental veneers are one of the cosmetic restoration options available here at Dr. Steve Kim DDS. Veneers are made from porcelain and they are thin in nature. The shell is placed over top of your tooth to provide a smooth and even surface.

Many patients choose to have veneers placed over their front teeth to help with the look, shape, and feel of the teeth. Typically, veneers are only placed over your front teeth and are not used on molars or any of your back teeth.

The procedure involves Dr. Kim determining how many veneers you need and then removing enamel from your tooth to make room for the veneer itself. The amount of enamel that needs to be removed will depend on how much enamel you have on your tooth in the first place. The process is quick and does not cause pain either.

If you are considering veneers, it often helps to know why other patients have chosen them as well or what problems they work well for. Many times, veneers are used to help with:

  • Misaligned and uneven teeth
  • Gaps
  • Worn down or discolored teeth
  • Broken, fractured, or chipped teeth

One of the best things about dental veneers is that they can be shaped to your tooth and they can be color matched to the rest of your teeth, so that no one will ever know that you had work done to your teeth.

Another benefit of having porcelain veneers is that they are naturally able to resist staining, this way, you do not have to worry about the veneer becoming discolored over time. You should still brush and floss your teeth regularly to preserve their appearance.



The next type of cosmetic restoration procedure that we offer in our office is crowns. Crowns are used to cover your tooth and provide protection to it. Many times, crowns are referred to as caps and you are probably used to seeing them as they were commonly silver in color.

The crown itself sits along the gum line and completely covers the tooth. It is cemented into place to provide superior protection to the tooth. Many times, before a crown is placed permanently on the tooth, a temporary crown is placed over the tooth and then removed when it is time to use a permanent crown.

Dental crowns are used for both cosmetic reasons and dental reasons. Some of those reasons include the following:

  • Improve the shape or look of a tooth
  • Cover a discolored tooth
  • Support a decayed tooth
  • Protect a broken or fractured tooth

When it comes to your crown, there are a couple of different types that are offered including porcelain, stainless steel, all metal, porcelain fused to metal, ceramic, and resin. The type of crown type that is ideal for you will be determine with Dr. Kim while you are in our office.

Most patients choose to have a porcelain crown as it can be matched to your tooth color and no one will know that you have a crown on your tooth.

Your Consultation with Us

When you come in for a consultation with Dr. Kim, we will go over the different types of crowns available and your options for veneers.

Before Dr. Kim chooses the best option for you, he will examine your teeth and take x-rays to find out if you have any underlying problems. If he does notice that any work needs to be done, he will schedule an appointment to have it done.

For example, tooth decay needs to be corrected before a veneer can be placed on your tooth. Dr. Kim will fill your cavity before the veneer procedure to ensure you have no one dental decay.

When you do come in for your consultation, Dr. Kim will sit down with you and discuss everything with you. One of the best things about Dr. Kim is that he actually listens to you and does not rush you out of the office like some other dentist offices do. You can ask him any and all questions you have and he will go over all risks and instructions before the procedure.

We’re Your Dental Professionals

When you are looking for a dentist who knows his stuff and can provide the best care, turn to us. We have the latest dental technology and equipment to provide you with a smooth and enjoyable appointment.

Whether you are looking to discuss orthodontic options or you are concerned about the way your teeth look, we are always here to help you and perform quality dental services to improve your smile.

Give Dr. Steve Kim DDS a call today to schedule your free dental consultation! We look forward to helping you smile with confidence and feel good about your teeth.

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