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What’s The Best Option For Replacing Missing Teeth?

What’s the best way to replace missing teeth?  While there are several options to replace missing teeth, dental implants are definitely a popular option nowadays.  Dental implants are placed surgically in your jawbone work as posts.  Made of biocompatible titanium material, dental implants integrate and remodel with your jawbone.  Once integrated, crowns are attached to dental implants and restore missing spaces.  When you do not have sufficient amount of jawbone for implants to integrate, an additional procedure called bone graft must be done.  For teeth in the back of the upper jaw, a sinus lift surgery may be needed if there is no sufficient amount of bone.  A sinus life surgery is a special type of bone grafting procedure which gives predictable results.  A success rate for dental implants is very high.  American Dental Association states that a single tooth dental implant has a success rate higher than 95%, which was conducted by specialists in academic setting.  Some of the restorative implant options are as follows:

    • Single unit implant + crown
    • Multiple unit implants + bridges
    • Sinus lift surgeries
    • Snap on partial dentures
    • Snap on full dentures
    • Fixed full denture with screw
    • A nice summary of what we have discussed above can be found on our YouTube channel:

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